Östermalmsgatan 71

Wonderful apartment
in Sweden's capital:
located in Stockholm's best
and most prestigious area.


PoolDiscover and enjoy a spacious 1-bedroom home in the heart of Stockholm, Sweden. Located in the most prestigious area, Östermalm, just steps from the tunnelbana (subway). Take an easy stroll into every exciting corner of Stockholm, the beautiful, pristine city people call Europe’s “Venice of the North”. Enjoy fabulous restaurants, Building Alcoveluxury stores, friendly sidewalk cafes and bargain boutiques.

The apartment at Östermalmsgatan 71 has an unparalleled history of quality, care and construction. The building was originally built in 1888, the same year Tchaikovsky's 5th Symphony premiered in St. Petersburg, across the Baltic. You Entrystill find many of the classic details in vogue during its original construction: high ceilings, pinewood floors,high windows with deep sills, intricate stucco details, beautiful ceiling rosettes.

The entire interior of the building has been gutted and renovated to the highest standards, from Garagestate-of-the-art security to wireless sound systems in every room. Fiber optics in the solid walls bring the 21st Century into the peaceful romance of an earlier age.

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